Erdem Yıldırım

Software Test Manager @ Innova

* Having background as a software developer in enterprise projects written in C++, .NET, J2EE.
* Developed and led over 30 test automation projects.
* Levelled up test organizations as an efficiency oriented change influencer.
* Increased the reliability of the projects, efficiency of test process; reduced testing cost, cycle time, resources %70 by designing sustainable/scalable automation architectures tailored on projects’ dynamics.
* Reduced rework in sprint cycles by applying preventative/shift left testing methodologies; TDD, BDD.
* Expertise in building up test/automation teams and infrastructures.
* As a certified test manager working as a test mentor/servant leader; increased the technical depth and utilization of test engineers/teams by planning their career roadmaps and providing environments (mini confs, in-house sessions) to brainstorm new ideas/techs to accomplish goals together.
* Built up an attraction point for talented Test Analysts/Developers.
* Speaker/Program Committee Member for local and international software testing conferences.